Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Do I need to book to attend a class?

A. No you can just come along to a class but feel free to contact me if you are unsure or have any questions.

Q2. What do I wear? Do i need to bring anything?

A. I recommend you wear something that doesn't restrict your movement and that you feel comfortable in.  Trainers are important to provide support and stability.  If attending SOSA you may want to wear dance trainers if you have them, but don't worry if you don't.

The only extras i would bring are water and if attending boot camp you may want a towel.

Q3. How do i pay?

A. Each class is £4.00 per person and can be paid cash at the beginning when signing in. There is a discount for attending more than 1 class in a week; please ask at the time of paying for any current offers.

You can also pay for unlimited classes by starting a Fitness Friends Membership which is the cheapest and easiest way at £20.00 per month. This is paid via a standing order and once set up you don't have to worry about paying at each lesson.

Q4. I haven't exercised for a while or I'm new to this type of class, will I be OK?

A. All new participants have to complete a PARQ Form before starting the exercise class and we can discuss any injuries or restrictions we both may need to consider.  If you have any concerns please speak to your doctor prior to starting class.

New participants will be welcomed personally by me, our classes have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  Don't worry about keeping up, getting the steps rights or managing all of the workouts.  The first step is trying and you'll be fine and confident in no time!

Any other questions???
Please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thanks Victoria xx